Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rough and Ready

Bleugh. I'm having a totally gross day.  I am meant to be doing field work today, so I got all geared up in my boots and hiking pants, no makeup, hair ready for a hat. Then, I arrived at the office to pick up supplies and the client called me saying that she didn't want to be out in the rain today. What a chicken. So, I'm in the office all day dressed so disgustingly, and to make matters worse, I bought a gorgeous new top yesterday that I'm aching to wear. If I had known in advance that today was going to be office work I could look really cute, instead of really butch!

So my only option is to make the best of a bad situation, so my hair has been slicked into a swift ponytail (thank you excellent hair cut and the two deep treatments I did on the weekend), and I'm accessorising with attitude (read: confidence, not bitch). What else is a girl to do? (Apart from my momentary consideration of whipping my pants off and wearing my fieldshirt like a shirtdress, and turning my socks into a headscarf.....)

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