Monday, May 31, 2010

Nail Fail

Rushing from a train to a tram to meet friends for dinner, I stopped briefly at the ladies loo and topped up my chipped dark purple nail polish (I had changed a tyre and pulled a 4WD out of a bog that day, so they were understandably shabby).

But heed my warning, DON'T. I just ended up with smeared purple nail polish and bits of it in my hair, my handbag, my phone, on my tram ticket and probably all over some of the fellow rush hour passengers.

And so I just ended up redoing them while waiting for my friends who were (also) late.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rough and Ready

Bleugh. I'm having a totally gross day.  I am meant to be doing field work today, so I got all geared up in my boots and hiking pants, no makeup, hair ready for a hat. Then, I arrived at the office to pick up supplies and the client called me saying that she didn't want to be out in the rain today. What a chicken. So, I'm in the office all day dressed so disgustingly, and to make matters worse, I bought a gorgeous new top yesterday that I'm aching to wear. If I had known in advance that today was going to be office work I could look really cute, instead of really butch!

So my only option is to make the best of a bad situation, so my hair has been slicked into a swift ponytail (thank you excellent hair cut and the two deep treatments I did on the weekend), and I'm accessorising with attitude (read: confidence, not bitch). What else is a girl to do? (Apart from my momentary consideration of whipping my pants off and wearing my fieldshirt like a shirtdress, and turning my socks into a headscarf.....)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fake It Til You Make Up

This morning, in between finding my other shoe, ringing my boyfriend and scoffing down last night's takeaway noodles, I didn't have time to do my make up properly. Not that at my workplace this is really a problem, but for a girl with standards it kinda is.

My quick rescue pack?
-Concealer under tired eyes
-Grey-brown eyeliner on the lids (smudged)
-Quick swipe of mascara (waterproof, but we'll talk about that another day)
And lipbalm (which I confess has already dried off, time to reapply)
and BAM! I was out the door!

But the real saving grace?
I've been washing my face. And before you recoil in horror thinking that I don't wash my face, I mean that I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising my face (morning and night). It's so easy to let this routine slip and before you know it your complexion's gone a muck and you're going through that foundation like an IBS sufferer goes through toilet paper. And my point is, it actually saves time. Multitask! Clean your face when you're brushing your teeth, or in the shower.  Moisturise while you're gargling mouthwash, or skyping your mum. Be sloppy about! But if you do it, there's a lot less meticulous makeup application to follow in the morning, and without all that crap on your face your skin also has a chance to breathe (and then less breakouts, meaning less coverup, meaning less breakouts....think about it).

However a quick word of warning: if you do decide to embark on a more minimalistic morning routine, I strongly recommend a quick glance in the mirror before you go out the door, so that you don't (like me) rock up to work with mee goreng sauce on your face......

PS I keep a packet of cleansing wipes next to my bed to clean my face when I'm being really lazy (also to prevent makeup smudges on my white pillows). They don't have to be expensive either, I buy mine from the $2 shop! (They're a little rough, but hey, I figure it's exfoliating!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dental As Anything

 Too much onion in your lunch salad? Bad case of manky wisdom teeth? Hangover extraordinaire? There are a couple of solutions out there for when you're stuck with stinky breath, everything from a toothpick to fandangled dental hygiene products.

My favourite options?
-A kids toothbrush (so tiny they fit in a clutch purse)
-A travel sized mini-bottle of mouth wash (or a mini toothpaste)
These will tide me through a meeting, a coffee catch up or a lunch date until I can get back to my bathroom to a proper brush, floss and rinse.

Desperate options?
-The end of your ponytail is a very quick plaque scrubber (but might be best to tie your hair up after that).
-Chewing gum is an old fave, just don't leave it in your mouth when talking to people - it's trashy and rude.
-Hunt in your handbag for an old toothpick (or an icecream stick), fray out the end by chewing on it, and give your teeth and tongue a quick brush.
-Even the end of a scarf, a tissue, a scrap piece of paper, will help clean your chompers up a bit.
-A rinse with fresh water (with lemon is bonus) is better than nothing at all, and of course a quick probe with your finger to fish out any gross food bits (in private please, ladies do not put their fingers in their mouths!).

Also, if you're a traveller its not a bad idea to horde your unused airplane toothbrush/toothpaste kits, and stash in your handbag for emergency use.

Any more ideas? Please post comment!