Monday, May 10, 2010

Dental As Anything

 Too much onion in your lunch salad? Bad case of manky wisdom teeth? Hangover extraordinaire? There are a couple of solutions out there for when you're stuck with stinky breath, everything from a toothpick to fandangled dental hygiene products.

My favourite options?
-A kids toothbrush (so tiny they fit in a clutch purse)
-A travel sized mini-bottle of mouth wash (or a mini toothpaste)
These will tide me through a meeting, a coffee catch up or a lunch date until I can get back to my bathroom to a proper brush, floss and rinse.

Desperate options?
-The end of your ponytail is a very quick plaque scrubber (but might be best to tie your hair up after that).
-Chewing gum is an old fave, just don't leave it in your mouth when talking to people - it's trashy and rude.
-Hunt in your handbag for an old toothpick (or an icecream stick), fray out the end by chewing on it, and give your teeth and tongue a quick brush.
-Even the end of a scarf, a tissue, a scrap piece of paper, will help clean your chompers up a bit.
-A rinse with fresh water (with lemon is bonus) is better than nothing at all, and of course a quick probe with your finger to fish out any gross food bits (in private please, ladies do not put their fingers in their mouths!).

Also, if you're a traveller its not a bad idea to horde your unused airplane toothbrush/toothpaste kits, and stash in your handbag for emergency use.

Any more ideas? Please post comment!

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