Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fake It Til You Make Up

This morning, in between finding my other shoe, ringing my boyfriend and scoffing down last night's takeaway noodles, I didn't have time to do my make up properly. Not that at my workplace this is really a problem, but for a girl with standards it kinda is.

My quick rescue pack?
-Concealer under tired eyes
-Grey-brown eyeliner on the lids (smudged)
-Quick swipe of mascara (waterproof, but we'll talk about that another day)
And lipbalm (which I confess has already dried off, time to reapply)
and BAM! I was out the door!

But the real saving grace?
I've been washing my face. And before you recoil in horror thinking that I don't wash my face, I mean that I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising my face (morning and night). It's so easy to let this routine slip and before you know it your complexion's gone a muck and you're going through that foundation like an IBS sufferer goes through toilet paper. And my point is, it actually saves time. Multitask! Clean your face when you're brushing your teeth, or in the shower.  Moisturise while you're gargling mouthwash, or skyping your mum. Be sloppy about! But if you do it, there's a lot less meticulous makeup application to follow in the morning, and without all that crap on your face your skin also has a chance to breathe (and then less breakouts, meaning less coverup, meaning less breakouts....think about it).

However a quick word of warning: if you do decide to embark on a more minimalistic morning routine, I strongly recommend a quick glance in the mirror before you go out the door, so that you don't (like me) rock up to work with mee goreng sauce on your face......

PS I keep a packet of cleansing wipes next to my bed to clean my face when I'm being really lazy (also to prevent makeup smudges on my white pillows). They don't have to be expensive either, I buy mine from the $2 shop! (They're a little rough, but hey, I figure it's exfoliating!)

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